July 17th, 2019


"Ты агрегат, Дуся, ты, Дуся, агрегат"


Звучит как первоапрельская статья.
Если нет - хороший шанс на Игнобелевку (их еще дают?)

Death by Dark Matter
Jagjit Singh Sidhu, Robert J Scherrer, Glenn Starkman
(Submitted on 15 Jul 2019)

Macroscopic dark matter refers to a variety of dark matter candidates that would be expected to (elastically) scatter off of ordinary matter with a large geometric cross-section. A wide range of macro masses MX and cross-sections σX remain unprobed. We show that over a wide region within the unexplored parameter space, collisions of a macro with a human body would result in serious injury or death. We use the absence of such unexplained impacts with a well-monitored subset of the human population to exclude a region bounded by σX≥10−8−10−7 cm2 and MX<50 kg. Our results open a new window on dark matter: the human body as a dark matter detector.