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Полный enlightment

Сегодня в физической части архива прям фейерверк всяких статей. И японские рисунки солнечных пятен 18 века, и наблюдение Гершелем "вулкана на Луне" (автор пишет, что скорее всего это падение метеорита из потока Лирид), и многое другое.

Выделим вот что: https://arxiv.org/abs/1804.08753

"... this work suggests a clear pattern of mobile phones being carried in people's hands, without the person using it (that is, not looking at it). Moreover, this study suggests that when individuals join members of the opposite sex there is a clear tendency to stop holding mobile phones whilst walking. Although it is not clear why people hold their phones whilst walking in such large proportions...."

А также https://arxiv.org/abs/1804.08730

" We take it to mean that there are 42 fundamental questions which must be answered on the road to full enlightenment, and we attempt a first draft (or personal selection) of these ultimate questions, on topics ranging from the cosmological constant and origin of the universe to the origin of life and consciousness. "

Девиз дня: полный enlightment