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Planetary dependence of melanoma
Konstantin Zioutas, Edward Valachovic
(Submitted on 7 Sep 2018)

We present signature for planetary correlations following an analysis of monthly melanoma rates in USA for the period 1973 - 2011. A planetary relationship in medicine is observed for the first time. The statistical significance is well above 5 sigmas, while various crosschecking make systematics highly improbable as the cause. The observed planetary dependence in physics was suggestive for this investigation. Streaming invisible matter from the dark sector, whose flux can be occasionally enhanced towards the Earth via planetary gravitational focusing, and, even much stronger by the Sun, it may be the explanation for 1-10% of melanoma diagnoses. The derived shortest melanoma periodicity of about 87.5 days points in its own right at a short latency period of about few months. Contrariwise, the present findings strengthen the previous physics claim of streams of invisible matter.

Journal reference: Biophysical Reviews and Letters, 13 (2018) 1-18


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Nikolay Volf
Sep. 10th, 2018 06:54 am (UTC)
Астрологи? 0_0
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